“Recycled” Floats make appearance in Festival of Fantasy Parade.

The much anticipated debut of the Festival of Fantasy Parade on March 9, 2014 in Magic Kingdom was definitely worth the wait. Nothing short of spectacular. But did you know that not ALL the floats in the parade are NEW?

I came across a picture of one of the floats and noticed something was very different!

The first float in the Festival of Fantasy Parade features Belle and the Beast riding at the front. The picture I saw had Belle and Adam! This got my curiosity going wild. After just a little Yahoo search, I got my answer. The float was from the Jubilation Parade from Tokyo Disneyland which ran from April 15, 2008 to April 5, 2013 and was replaced by the “Happiness is Here Parade” on April 15, 2013!

There were some changes made to the floats but, they are relatively minor. The Tokyo float does include Cinderella and Prince Charming in the rotating dress but features Aurora and Prince Phillip in the rear. They were replaced by Tiana along with Ana and Elsa with the Frozen scene. I did find the fact that they had Adam instead of Beast riding with Belle interesting.

Aurora and Prince Phillip 


The other float is the Pinocchio Circus Float. This colorful float has very little changes. In Jubilation, there are bubbles coming from the float and the two people on the swings are hanging from their waist instead of sitting.











You can also see how the Peter Pan float was inspired by the one from Tokyo Disneyland as they both feature the scull at the front of the vehicle.


Many of the costumes also share many similarities in the use of bright colors and whimsical style.   But, there are many great things about both parades and I enjoyed watching them both even if only by video.

I love the Tangled float and the Steam punk Dragon from the Walt Disney World -Festival of Fantasy parade but also enjoyed seeing the Lion King float from Jubilation.

As a Disney fan, I am not at all disappointed that these floats have been “recycled”.  As a matter of fact, I don’t think any true Disney fan would be. I am glad that I get to have a piece of another Disney park that I may never get a chance to see in my lifetime here in my own backyard.

Below is a video of the Jubilation Parade for everyone to enjoy and when you are sitting on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom watching the Festival of Fantasy Parade go by, remember to say Arigato (thank you) to our Disney friends from across the sea for the wonderful gifts.

Does it really matter to you that Disney used previously seen floats or does it actually make the parade more interesting to watch? Tell us what you think of both the Festival of Fantasy and the Jubilation Parades in the comments below.

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