The Waffle Sandwich at Magic Kingdom’s Sleepy Hollow


Disney is known for having delicious foods that develop their own fan base. The waffle sandwiches from Magic Kingdom’s Sleepy Hollow are no exception. I went with the Sweet and Spicy Chicken and waffle sandwich. Chicken and waffles have become more than a southern classic these days and have made their way into the mainstream. This spin on the traditional version is really fun!

I was so excited to order the sandwich; it was on my list of “must eat” at Disney. The sandwich is actually a fluffy Belgian waffle in place of bread or a bun, which I just couldn’t get enough of. The waffle comes with a crispy battered chicken breast on a bed of fresh arugula, and a slaw. The slaw really looked delicious, however due to an allergy I had to decline. The chicken itself is lightly battered and coated in a, wait for it, sweet sriracha sauce. Yes that’s right we’ve got sriracha on this! There was also a good amount of sweetness to balance out the heat, with almost a maple syrup flavor mixed in. This was a great combination of textures and flavors, even if it was a little high on the spice factor.

This is definitely something I will order again. The waffle held together surprisingly well, so if you had to eat this on the run you could. At $7.49 I feel it’s a pretty good value. It would be large enough to share, especially if you were looking to sample one of Sleepy Hollow’s famous funnel cakes or dessert waffles as well. I really enjoyed that this was something different from the same ol’ same ol’ at Magic Kingdom’s Quick Service restaurants. Just remember to order a drink if you can’t handle to much spice!

You can also try the Ham and Cheese Omelet or Nutella and Fresh Fruit for breakfast or the Ham, Prosciutto, and Swiss for lunch. They All sound delicious!





Check out the full Sleepy Hollow menu here.

Have you tried any of these delicious sandwiches? Give us your recommendations.

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  1. Tina Heaton says:

    This is on my bucket list for my next visit! LOOKS YUMMY!

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