Waves at the Polynesian Village Resort Beach? Absolutely, Once Upon A Time.

Did you know that at Walt Disney World there is more to see around the parks than just the normal stuff like the Castle, Space Mountain and all the other cool rides?  When my family and I go to Disney World, which is about 2 times a year, we like to rent a boat and go cruising around the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake. One of the interesting things I had read about and wanted to see for myself was the abandoned wave machine. Yes you read that right, a wave machine, right off of the beach of the Polynesian Village Resort, smack in the middle of the Seven Seas Lagoon.  If you stand on the beach at the Polynesian and look out at the small island  in the lagoon,  on the right side, there is a small opening. You can barely make out, but it’s there!

The original plan was for quests to be able to surf on the beach of the Polynesian.  Disney soon realized that, even though it was a great idea, the waves started to erode the beach. They stopped using the machine and planned to use it  only for special occasions.  But that never happened and it was left on the island unused.

Original Wave Machine



Now for the boat ride part of the story. Renting a boat allows you to get a better view of the location of the machine on the island.  On our last visit in January of 2014, the hand rail and the concrete bunker that the cast members once descended into to start the wave machine was still visible. Pretty cool when you get to see some Disney history first hand.

There are lots of cool, interesting and off the wall things at Walt Disney World that many quests are not aware of. Whenever we go, I always like to explore to see what I can find that is out of the ordinary.  Some things are right in front of you. Sometimes you you really need to look carefully but, trust me, they are all around.

Every now and then, I will share some of the unique things I have discovered on my visits to Disney World with all of you here at Daddy Digz Disney.

I hope you enjoy.

Chris B.

Our Guest Writer, Chris Barnes, lives in New Hampshire with his wife and son. When he is not exploring the odd and weird secrets at Walt Disney World, he is hosting a weekly radio show dedicated to Drag Racing on Victory Lane Radio. He volunteers his time as an admin for You Might be a Disney Addict Facebook group and runs a Facebook page dedicated to Drag Racing @ facebook.com/Wheelzuppics. Look for more articles about some of the hidden and not so hidden secrets at WDW soon!
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